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chetan-paintingMy name is Chetan Patel.

Thank you for looking at my website.

First off, I like to say I love comic books.  Comic books have always been a part of my life.  And always will be.  Love reading them and creating them.

Karma Komic was an idea that I had a few years ago.  After doing a few page layouts, sat down and actually drew about 4 pages.  Then those pages sat in my house for a year or two.  Then while talking to a friend about comics and websites, decided to pull those pages and sketches out.  Thought to myself maybe I should try something more with this.  As the header text says this is a story about Rajesh Karma. In reality, Rajesh is me.   Karma Komic is somewhat of an autobiographical comic book adventure story. Again this is loosely based on me and some of my experiences, adding a little far fetched storytelling into the mix as I go along. A whole lot of far fetched storytelling.  Original idea was not to have it based on me, but around the East Indian culture.

I am drawing / writing this as I go along.  There is an overall idea of what I want to do.  How I get there is the hard part.  Each page is thought out and drawn when I sit down at the drawing table. Some pages are fast to produce, others take forever.  I have 2 kids so time is limited.

People/characters introduced into the story are somewhat based on people that I have met or know.  Don’t worry, I have asked my friends for their approval on using them in the story.  As for what happens to them in the story?  Some will live and some will die.  And some will help save the universe.

Like to thank Mr. Paul Marhue for all his help with this website. If you get a chance please check out his site, It’s all about soccer, yes soccer not football.

Other links to check out is my friend Ken Gallant’s website  It’s about horror books / movies and heavy metal.  Need I say more?

Also check out  Tic Toc Tom was one of the first comic books that I created.  With the help of the two guys mentioned above, we produced some very interesting work. There is a connection with Tic Toc Tom and Karma Komic, you just have to wait and read the comic book.


Please leave a comment on what you think of my work.  Good or bad, all comments are welcomed.  I will respond back to all e-mails.

If you want to receive updates on any new projects, books or post, please let me know in the message.

Thanks for your interest.


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