The creative process


Here is the problem.  Blank page.

Working on a side story for Karma Komic.  Need a break from the main story.  Now this is a problem most artist come across.  A blank canvas.  Hundreds of ideas going through your head, but what to put down is the hardest part.  How to put it down?  Trust me this page later has so many eraser rubbings on it.  I know what I want to draw.  I can’t get my pencil to do what I want to.

I stare at the page.  Then look over and grab the Xbox controller.  Play a game or two of MLB2k13.  I have me as a player on a minor league team that is trying to break into the big leagues.  I did hit a grand slam once!  Yes!  Spring training played for the Blue Jays.  No luck, I was sent back to the minors.  Keep trying.  This is my second season on the team.

Oh wait… the page… maybe tomorrow.  Need to walk away from it.  Think about it tomorrow.

Did end up rough pencilling the page out (see 2nd post below this).