Tick Tock Tom

It was the early 1990’s.  Just after Paul Marhue, Michael Korditsch, Ken Gallant and I put out the last issue of Kuhlbox with few other guys, I decided to do another book.  With the help the fellows mentioned, Tick Tock Tom was produced.  Got a bunch of guys I went to college with and asked them to do a story/art on the main the character.  One thing I do recall now is that I forgot to tell them to keep the costume same for the character.  First issue’s cover was by Michelle Reardon.  Paul Marhue came up with the Tick Tock Tom logo.

As time went along more people were interested in doing work for the book.  Tick Tock Tom lasted for 12 issues and one annual.    Over the 12 issue run we must have had over 20 + people doing work on the book.

Thank you all for the great experience!!  Loved every bit of it.